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Is Shockwave Therapy Right for My Feet?

Do you struggle with chronic pain in your feet? Tendonitis and plantar fasciitis are two conditions that leave patients with inflammation in the tendons or tissues within the foot. Inflammation often develops due to irritation from overuse or overstretching.

Not only will this pain feel extremely uncomfortable, but it can make walking and other movements you perform in your daily life difficult. You could even face a greater risk of further injury due to this impact on your mobility.

Patients with persistent foot pain may benefit from a targeted treatment called shockwave therapy. The process involves placing a device on the affected area of the foot that delivers high-pressure energy waves to induce microtrauma. This triggers a healing response in the body that can lead to pain relief.

If you suffer from pain in your feet, you may wonder if shockwave therapy may be the solution you have been searching for. Give your podiatrist a call to schedule an evaluation to find the right treatment for you. Read on to learn three characteristics a podiatrist will look for in a patient before recommending shockwave therapy.

Is Shockwave Therapy Right for My Feet

Seeking Non-Invasive Pain Relief Solutions

If you experience chronic pain, your podiatrist will want to try conservative methods of relieving it. They may recommend resting the foot to avoid further irritation or custom orthotics that can alleviate pressure from swelling. But if they do not fix the problem, you and your doctor will likely prefer a non-invasive treatment option that does not require surgery.

Shockwave therapy can be the perfect solution. It can accelerate the healing process where rest and other at-home measures do not resolve the issue. Then you can find relief from the pain after your first session of this treatment and jumpstart recovery.

Commitment to the Process of Shockwave Therapy

While you may feel some relief from pain after one shockwave therapy appointment at your podiatrist’s office, most people will need to attend two or more sessions to see the full results of this treatment. The ideal patient for this therapy option will know what to expect from this treatment and exhibit patience during the process.

It can help to focus on the end result of these treatments, which is the eradication of chronic pain. This mindset can also help manage the minimal amount of bruising or soreness a patient might feel after this treatment. This discomfort will fade within a few days and should not result in downtime for the patient.

Health in Good Standing

Shockwave therapy is a safe procedure for patients of all ages that will not require anesthesia, medications, or surgery. Patients can look forward to very minimal side effects as well. But the ideal patient for this therapy should have a good standing in their overall health.

Pregnant patients, those with certain underlying medical conditions, and people who take some medicines may create a risk if they undergo shockwave therapy. They will need to seek alternative treatment from their podiatrist for foot pain.

Patients with hypersensitivity in their feet, such as those who suffer from neuropathy, might find this therapy unhelpful too. Learn more when you schedule an appointment at your podiatrist’s office.