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Foot Pain Newtown, PA

Foot pain and discomfort when walking can have a range of causes and should be addressed by one of our Podiatrists as soon as possible to avoid possible damage to nerves, tendons, and muscles. Newtown Foot & Ankle Specialists offer comprehensive evaluation and podiatry to address foot problems, diseases and deformities.

When should I visit the podiatrist for foot pain?
Schedule a visit to our Newtown podiatry office for any of the following reasons:

  • Sudden or intense pain or swelling, especially after trauma
  • Persistent swelling or pain
  • Skin irritation such as stinging or burning sensation
  • Cracking or peeling feet that is not the result of sun exposure
  • Numbness in the foot, toes
  • Difficulty bearing weight on the foot or walking comfortably

Our podiatrists will evaluate your foot and recommend appropriate treatment when necessary. Pain can occur in different places on the foot, each needing different types of treatment or home care to resolve.

What causes pain on top of the foot?
Pain on the top of the foot is often due to nerve compression, a metatarsal stress fracture or extensor tendonitis. There is a range of reasons for developing these conditions and our providers can determine the cause and best treatment options after an exam and diagnostics. If you have persistent or sudden pain on the top of your foot, rest the foot and contact our office for an appointment.

What can cause pain on the bottom of the foot?
From a neuroma to Plantar Fasciitis, there are several common causes of pain on the bottom of the foot. This type of discomfort often makes walking difficult and should be evaluated quickly. We offer a full range of treatment options to treat the cause of your pain and restore your mobility and the health of your foot.