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Foot Problems That Create Fall Risks

You rely on your feet and ankles to get you from one place to another. Many factors go into this, including your balance – your ability to remain standing while in motion. If you develop a problem with your feet, you might not be able to walk properly.

This poses a safety hazard, as an issue in your feet might mean you could fall and sustain injuries. Understanding the foot problems that could lead to this risk can help you avoid further bodily harm. You can know when to see your podiatrist before you suffer an accident. Read on to learn about major podiatry concerns that can heighten your risk for falls.

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Foot Pain Decreases Your Mobility

If you feel pain in your feet, you may alter your gait to relieve some of the discomfort. Taking steps in an unnatural position to avoid putting weight on certain parts of the foot may help you feel less pain. But an irregular walking pattern may feel strange.

You often walk or move without conscious thought of the movement. But if you do not step in the way that you usually do, it could feel awkward. This may lead you to misplace or destabilize your body’s center of gravity. It could result in tripping or falling.

Foot pain can stem from numerous sources and might be acute. If you notice soreness, burning, or sharp pain that persists, you should make an appointment for an evaluation with your foot doctor. You should especially do so if you think this pain interferes with your gait.

For some patients, foot pain occurs due to the way that the person walks. If this is the case, the doctor can help the patient adjust their gait to relieve pain and reduce their risk of a fall. Custom-made orthotics worn in footwear can give patients comfort while improving their ability to move.

Numbness in Feet Affects Your Movements

Increased discomfort and sensation in the feet can make a patient more likely to suffer a fall. But numbness can similarly increase the likelihood of suffering this type of accident.

Nerve damage called neuropathy can lead to this symptom and often begins as a tingling feeling in the feet. Your doctor can determine the cause of this issue and provide relevant treatment to minimize your symptoms.

You should not ignore this issue because a loss of feeling in the feet can make it difficult to know if you are hurting your feet. You might suffer an injury in the feet or toes and not realize it because of the numbness.

Neuropathy can also make you alter your gait without your awareness. You might step improperly and lose your balance as well. This could lead to a fall which could cause severe bodily damage. To prevent this accident, visit your podiatrist promptly if you recognize any symptoms in your feet, ankles, or toes.