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Get Treatment for Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is the connective tissue between the muscles in the calf and the heel bone in the foot. If you suffer an injury to this part of the body, the pain can be debilitating. It may severely limit your ability to move and impact your quality of life.

Overuse, trauma, or improper stretching of this tendon may lead to inflammation called Achilles tendonitis. Prompt, effective action from your doctor can help you relieve this pain and restore your range of motion. Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists, highly skilled podiatrists serving patients in Newtown, PA, describe what you can expect if you are diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis.

treat Achilles heel pain in Newtown Pennsylvania

Diagnosing Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is an injury that can occur due to frequent or incorrect movement in this tendon. Patients notice this issue because they may experience stiffness, swelling, crackling, weakness, or pain in this part of their body.

Your podiatrist can diagnose this condition by performing a physical examination of your foot, noting the area of the injury as well as the symptoms. They may also request imaging of the Achilles tendon, either from an x-ray, MRI, or ultrasound, in order to rule out other injuries and spot the inflammation.

Recommended Achilles Tendon Treatment

You can treat Achilles tendonitis with non-invasive methods within a few months. Because this injury often occurs when the tendon has been overused, the primary solution is to rest this part of the body.

This means you will need to refrain from high-impact exercises that could worsen the issue. You might also need to wear a boot to restrict the movement of this tendon.

To treat the pain associated with this condition, doctors suggest icing the targeted area to reduce the inflammation. You may also take anti-inflammatory medications as directed by your dentist to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms.

Podiatrists reserve surgical intervention for patients who see no improvement in their condition after six months. Your doctor can help you come up with an appropriate treatment plan that will suit your unique injury and capabilities.

Do Not Ignore Achilles Heel Pain

Achilles tendonitis can often be resolved with therapeutic measures taken from the comfort of your own home after a doctor’s evaluation. This does not mean that you should ignore your symptoms.

If you continue to overwork your Achilles tendon despite the inflammation, your condition will worsen. You may experience more severe pain and restriction of movement. If the injury becomes worse, you might need more invasive treatment to amend the issue, including surgeries like tendon lengthening or repair.

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