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How Do Orthotics Work?

Do you suffer from back pain, foot deformities, or arthritis pain in the feet or ankles? Your podiatrist may recommend orthotics to reposition your foot placement and relieve tension that could cause pain in these parts of your body.

These custom-made inserts in your shoes can make a major difference in your life. But how do they help your feet? Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists, an expert podiatrist team located near Princeton, PA, responds to frequently asked questions regarding treatment with custom orthotics.

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How Will My Podiatrist Make Customized Orthotics?

If you and your podiatrist determine that orthotics are the ideal treatment for you, then your podiatrist will evaluate and examine your feet to create the custom-made inserts. This involves taking precise measurements of your feet.

They will then use 3D imaging to create impressions of your feet while they are not bearing weight. In a laboratory, experts can create orthotics based on this mold to manufacture orthotics that suit your unique feet and your intended treatment. The orthotics consist of a firm but flexible foundation as well as cushioning materials for a purposeful but comfortable fit.

How Do I Use Them?

Whether your orthotics fit your heel or your entire foot, you should place the inserts in your shoes and wear them regularly. The insole should lie flat at the bottom of the shoe and fit firmly at the back of the heel so that there is no slippage. They are designed for permanent use and should be worn daily to support your feet and manage pain or other symptoms.

How Long Will My Orthotics Last?

Your custom orthotics inserts should last about two or three years, depending on the amount of usage. You will likely require replacements, as many patients will need this type of treatment for many years.

You can lengthen the life of your orthotics by taking care of your inserts. They do not require much maintenance, but you can clean them carefully with warm water and soap. Allow them plenty of time to dry before replacing the inserts into your shoes.

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