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What To Do About Flat Feet

Flat feet are a condition in which the arch at the bottom of the foot collapses so that feet have full or near-full contact with the ground. This condition can occur at birth or happen later in life. Some patients do not experience any symptoms, but others experience pain in the middle of the foot or later develop further pain in the ankles, knees, or hips due to changes in the gait. Flat feet can be managed with treatment from a medical professional. Newtown Foot & Ankle Specialists, a podiatrist practice serving Princeton, PA, describes treatment options for patients with flat feet.flat feet podiatrist princeton pa

Supportive footwear

Fallen arches cannot return to their former shape without corrective surgery. However, treatment options are available to support patients with flat feet. Wearing shoes designed to support your feet can relieve pain related to flat feet. Arch supports can also be worn to help patients who have altered gaits due to flat feet. Your podiatrist can work with you to create custom orthotics that can provide support for the unique step and shape of your feet. Customized orthotics can reduce the risk of injury to feet, ankles, or other joints related to the lack of arch support.

Physical therapy

Professional physical therapy can strengthen and stretch your foot and its surrounding muscles to relieve pain related to flat feet. Feet muscles, as well as the calf muscle and Achilles tendon, can impact your gait if they are too tight. Affected gait can harm other muscles, bones, and joints in your body, including your spine. Improving flexibility and strength in these muscles will assist you in walking properly to avoid this damage.

Corticosteroid injections

Corticosteroid injections can be used for patients for pain management, especially if long-term patients have developed arthritis. Corticosteroids are used to reduce inflammation which can lower swelling and discomfort for patients. If flat feet have led to a severe injury, such as a tendon or ligament tear, orthopedic surgery may be required. Your podiatrist can use imaging to determine if an injury has occurred that needs further treatment. You can also discuss pain management plans with your doctor to suit your unique needs.

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