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Curing Nail Fungus

Nail fungus impacts people of all ages and genders. It can make your nails discolored and unseemly, making you uncomfortable and unwilling to wear things like open-toed shoes. At Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists, a foot specialist in Newtown, PA, we offer laser fungal nail treatment to make your nails healthy again.newtown, pa foot specialist

Do I Have Fungal Nails?

Fungal nails are also called mycotic nails and they’re caused by a fungal infection. There are many ways the fungus may manifest on your nails. Most commonly, you’ll notice a white or yellowish color developing underneath your toenail. If you don’t notice it and the infection advances, you may notice a black or brown color as the infection goes deeper. It can spread to the other nails as well.

If you don’t notice your nails changing color, there are other ways to tell they’re infected. Your nails may appear crumbling, ragged, or they start peeling. The nails may thicken and change shape, looking odder than normal. Your nail bed may detach and you may notice a bad smell coming from the infected nail.

Why Do I Have Nail Fungus?

While it can impact any age, nail fungus is usually more common in older adults. It’s caused by fungal organisms that can get into the nail. They usually enter through cracks that form in the nail. Older adults have nails that are more likely to become brittle, increasing the likelihood of cracks forming and allowing the fungus to get into the nail bed.

If you have a weakened immune system, diabetes, athlete’s foot, or poor circulation, you may also be more likely to develop this condition.

Treatment for Nail Fungus

At Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists, we offer laser treatment for nail fungus. This has been proven to be more effective than topical fungal treatments or oral prescription anti-fungal treatments. However, the oral method can interact with other medications that you may be on.

The Q-Clear™ laser is an advanced form of fungal nail treatment. Controlled laser energy is sent into the impacted area. Your podiatrist is able to control the amount of energy that’s emitted to make sure they’re getting the results they want.

A grid pattern is followed by the laser on the impacted nail. The energy is gentle and slowly treats the fungus. There are little to no side effects and you’re able to go right back to regular activities immediately following the procedure. Treatment is completed in only one visit as well.

Fungal Treatment From Your Newtown, Pennsylvania Foot Specialist

Is nail fungus making you want to hide your feet and causing you discomfort? Call us today or schedule a consultation online.