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Take Care of Your Feet This Fall

Fall brings a significant change in the weather. As temperatures drop and the weather grows harsher, you know to adjust your usual habits accordingly. The way you care for your feet should alter based on these seasonal differences too.

Brisk autumn weather can be pleasant, and you can enjoy it more when your feet are healthy and without podiatry concerns. Prevent foot, toe, and ankle issues by taking proper care of these parts of your body. Read on to find advice from your podiatrist in Newtown, PA that will keep your feet looking and feeling their best this fall season.

foot care for fall seasonal weather

3 Tips for Healthy Feet This Autumn

Choose Appropriate Footwear

The weather changes that come with the arrival of the fall season will mean you need to upgrade your wardrobe. This means choosing thicker socks and shoes that will keep your feet warm during colder outdoor temperatures.

Make sure your shoes fit comfortably. Ill-fitting boots can disrupt blood circulation, leading to structural damage within your feet and toes. You might be more prone to blisters and other injuries.

Cold weather can mean ice on sidewalks and other paths. Be careful where you step to avoid slipping. Choose boots that will keep your feet dry in adverse weather conditions like rain and snow too.

Keep Feet Clean and Dry

You know to wash and clean your feet year-round, but you might need to adjust your hygiene routine when the seasons change. You will wear heavier socks and shoes to keep your feet warm and dry outside. But this may mean your feet sweat more.

Make sure you wear clean socks regularly so that your feet do not linger in dirty socks. These moist environments can breed bacteria and heighten your risk of developing foot fungus. Once contracted, fungus in the toenail can be hard to get rid of.

Consider choosing socks that wick away moisture to avoid collecting bacteria that can harm your feet. Try using a foot powder to help keep your feet clean, dry, and healthy during the autumn months.

Moisturize Your Feet

In the fall, the air will get both colder and drier. The dry environment can make your skin dry too. While you want to avoid keeping your feet moist, dry skin can lead to splitting, especially in the heel of your foot. This can feel painful while also putting you at risk of contracting an infection due to this injury.

Moisturizing your feet can prevent this breakage in the skin. You can also lower the chances of forming blisters and other discomforts. A good time to moisturize is after washing your feet. Dry the feet well and then apply a lotion or cream designed to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy.

This moisturizing effort has the added benefit of long-term cosmetic benefits for the feet. You can keep the skin looking smoother when you moisturize on a regular basis. Year-round, it is a good idea to lotion your skin every day.