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Our Shockwave Therapy Process

Deep tissue pain in the feet can leave individuals in immense discomfort. It can also impact their ability to move or stand, which can disrupt their daily routines and make their home and work lives difficult to endure.

A podiatrist can suggest multiple therapeutic treatments to relieve this type of pain in their patients, including shockwave therapy. If you feel nervous about undergoing treatment, you may feel calmer if you know more about this therapy. To alleviate any nervousness, Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists, a podiatrist practice located near Princeton, PA, outlines what you can expect from our shockwave therapy treatment and addresses concerns patients may have.

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Do I Need Shockwave Therapy?

Foot pain manifests in varying degrees and can have a vast array of potential causations. Your podiatrist can determine what causes your pain, which in many individuals may stem from inflammation.

Conditions such as plantar fasciitis and tendonitis create inflammation in the connective tissues between muscles and bones in your feet. The inflamed tissue can leave patients in chronic pain that can be difficult to tolerate. One treatment a podiatrist may suggest to alleviate these uncomfortable sensations is through targeted pressurized treatment from shockwave therapy.

What Occurs During This Treatment?

If you and your podiatrist agree that shockwave therapy is an effective treatment option for you, you will schedule a 10 to 20 minute session with your podiatrist’s office. Your medical professional will apply gel to the affected area to improve the transfer of energy waves into the soft tissue.

Your doctor will then use a transmitting device, pressing the applicator directly to this area, which will emit high-energy waves and send them into your foot. These waves induce micro trauma in the tissue which initiates a healing response, increasing blood flow to the area which can repair damaged tissue and alleviate pain.

Some patients may feel slight pain or tingling in this area at the conclusion of the therapy session, but this sensation will fade. You may also notice some bruising in the area, which will dissipate as well. Your podiatrist will recommend that you avoid rigorous activity for at least 24 hours following this treatment to allow the foot time to heal.

How Many Treatments Will I Need to Alleviate My Pain?

Usually, patients receive between three and five shockwave treatments to fully relieve their inflammation and foot pain. These sessions are scheduled three to ten days apart so that the tissue can respond and recover adequately before experiencing additional micro trauma. Your podiatrist will thoroughly evaluate your condition and your treatment progress before beginning each session.

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