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Fungus Prevention Tips from Your Podiatrist

Nail fungus occurs when a fungus spreads to your toenail. This condition can affect fingernails, too, but is most common in toenails. Once the nail is infected, it is difficult to treat as the fungus often resists home remedies. A medical professional may need to provide professional treatment for toenail fungus. Newtown Foot & Ankle, a podiatrist office serving Washington Crossing, PA, provides toenail fungus prevention tips.nail fungus treatment podiatrist washington crossing pa

Clip toenails correctly

Proper foot hygiene habits are crucial to preventing fungal infection. You should wash your feet and toes carefully when showering or bathing. A clean and dry environment is less appealing for fungus, so it’s important to maintain this to avoid an infection. Clipping your nails is another good hygiene practice for your feet, but you should do so with proper technique. Ensure your clippers or nail scissors are sanitized before using them. You should clip your nails in a straight line across your toe. A nail file can help you smooth any sharp edges.

Wear properly fitting shoes

If shoes are too tight, your toes can suffer damage. Shoes that are too small can cause blisters, toe deformations, and other foot conditions. When your toes are enduring other issues, they can be vulnerable to nail fungus. Ideally, your shoes should not touch your toenails while you wear them. When shopping for new shoes, make sure to buy a pair wide enough to fit comfortably with free space for your toes. It is best to buy breathable footwear as well so that air circulates around your feet as you wear them. This creates a drier environment that is less likely to breed fungus.

Keep up with cleaning

Clean environments are less susceptible to fungus, so it’s important to keep up with your cleaning schedule to prevent nail fungus. You should regularly apply an antibacterial spray to your shoes, especially if you have worn them without socks. Showers are hot spots for fungus because the area is constantly wet. You should clean your shower often to avoid fungus development that can infect your toenails. It’s a good idea to wear foot coverings in public, especially a public shower or bathroom, because the combination of high traffic, moist environment, and unknown cleaning schedule can increase the risk of fungal infection.

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