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Keeping Your Feet Healthy

As a Holland, PA podiatrist, Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists wants to make sure you’re keeping your feet as healthy as possible. While they’re an extremely important part of the body, a lot of times we take them for granted. Below are some tips for you to make sure you keep your feet healthy.holland, pennsylvania podiatrist

Practice Good Hygiene

The health of your feet starts with making sure you have good hygiene. Keeping them clean and dry is important. Particularly if you’re doing activities involving hiking or long walks, make sure you air out your shoes and socks properly to avoid getting fungal infections. When you’re drying your feet after a shower, be sure to properly dry between the toes as well.

Watch How You Cut Your Nails

It’s important to cut your nails in a certain way to avoid getting ingrown toenails. When you clip them, cut them straight across and leave the nail slightly longer than the tips of your toes. Diabetes is notorious for causing foot problems as well. For this, we would recommend getting them clipped professionally for the best result.

Choose the Right Shoes

We have to wear shoes most of the time in our lives. It’s crucial to pick the right ones when you’re going to be in them all day. Make sure you choose footwear that’s breathable to keep your feet as dry as possible. Leather is ideal for things like dress shoes. If you have especially sweaty feet, look for fabrics like mesh to allow for the most breathability.

When you’re shopping for shoes, try to get them at the end of the day. Foot swelling is at its max at the end of the day, and you want to make sure that you don’t get shoes that are too tight. Tight shoes can cause all sorts of problems. Wear the kind of socks you’ll be wearing with them the most often. Avoid pointy shoes, as they can lead to more calluses and issues with ingrown nails.

Exercise Your Feet

The more you exercise the feet, the more you can improve your blood circulation in them. It doesn’t have to be anything extensive. Something as simple as a 30-minute walk multiple times a week can make sure that your circulation is staying healthy.

Know When to Get Help

You know your body better than anyone. When you see or feel something that isn’t normal, make sure you speak up about it. Diabetes, in particular, leads to foot problems, so take extra care. Look at the nails to see if there’s any discoloration, a sign of a fungal infection. Foot pain and toe problems shouldn’t be ignored either. Call your Holland, Pennsylvania podiatrist or schedule an appointment online.