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Common Diseases of the Foot

There are various diseases you can contract that can cause pain and other issues with your feet. If you have a disease of the foot and need care right away, it’s time to find a quality podiatrist in Holland, PA. Newtown Foot ad Ankle Specialists can help you get the care you need for various diseases.holland, pa podiatrist


Gout is an extremely painful condition that stems from a uric acid buildup in the joints. Commonly, it occurs in the joints of the big toe and can make it painful for you to walk normally. Tests can be done to determine if the condition is gout. Your podiatrist may recommend corticosteroids, either orally or through injection. Other medications and natural therapies may be recommended as well.


Arthritis is common in both the hands and the feet. It causes redness, swelling, and pain in your joints when it develops. The wear and tear on the joints causes the muscles to deteriorate and can impact how you move. There are multiple types of arthritis, so doing testing to determine the type of arthritis you have can determine your treatment plan.

Foot Cancer

There are multiple cancers that can develop in or on the foot. Skin cancer can form. There are specific tumors that can form under the toenail or on the bottom of the foot. Giant cell tumors can form anywhere on the top or sides of the foot. A specific treatment plan will be developed for you by your podiatrist based on the type of cancer that you have.

Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s happens in both the hands and feet. It’s caused by a contraction of the smooth muscles that control the small arteries in your hands and feet, impacting the circulation. You have less blood flow in these areas. It’s caused primarily in the cold, so it’s important to keep warm and do activities that increase circulation. Medications may also be prescribed for serious cases.

Freiberg’s Disease

With this disease, the blood flow to one of the growth plates in the long bones behind the toes is restricted. This causes pain in the ball of the foot, particularly when you’re walking on it and using it frequently. Medication is one of the techniques frequently used for this issue. We also have the ability to fit you for custom orthotics that can help with your condition.

Treating Diseases of the Foot

There are many other diseases you may encounter with the feet. If you’re having foot pain, you may be suffering from a disease that you’re unaware of. Call your podiatrist in Holland, Pennsylvania, or schedule an appointment online.