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What is Neuropathy?

People typically experience neuropathy as a side effect of diabetes. But you can still experience neuropathy due to your lifestyle habits or other conditions. Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists, a podiatrist in Holland, PA, explains neuropathy and the treatment options we have available.holland, pa podiatrist

About Neuropathy

Neuropathy can also be known as peripheral neuropathy. It comes on due to peripheral nerve damage in your feet. Since the brain can no longer receive signals from these damaged nerves, they can no longer provide feedback for things like pain. You start to feel numbness, tingling, and shooting pains in your feet as the condition progresses.

There are two major types of neuropathy and both have particular causes. One usually comes on as an effect of diabetes, as mentioned. The other is typically brought on by alcoholism, or excessive consumption of alcohol regularly. Nerve trauma can also cause this condition, as well as neurological conditions like fibromyalgia. The medications you take, your age, and a family history of nerve problems can also make an impact.

Treatment Options for Neuropathy

Unfortunately, there is no treatment to completely cure neuropathy. However, we can provide various treatment options to limit the effects so that you can live a better daily life. With every patient, a unique treatment plan is made for them. Every individual is different and may have different symptoms. We’ll discuss those, your lifestyle, and any past or present medical conditions to determine the treatment plan that’ll benefit you most.

We’ll also analyze the current nerve damage and observe the severity. There are a number of things we can do to help minimize your pain and to protect your feet and any other limbs impacted. Diagnostic tests are performed to see where the tissue is damaged and what areas no longer have feeling. Determining the underlying cause of your neuropathy and the other medications you may be taking will also impact your treatment plan.

When you have diabetic neuropathy, we’ll work with your general practitioner to make sure your sugar is controlled and being managed correctly. For alcoholic neuropathy, on the other hand, B-12 injections may be administered. People with alcohol dependency may not have adequate levels of B-12, which is an essential vitamin for proper nerve function.

For both types, we offer topical ointments that will help with your pain. Magnetic therapy may also be tried, more commonly with diabetic neuropathy. Galvanic stimulation uses electric currents to stimulate your nerves and muscle tissue to help to reverse the impacts of neuropathy.

Neuropathy Treatment at Your Holland, Pennsylvania Podiatrist

It’s crucial that we continue to monitor your condition over time. We’ll work with you to do our best to prevent neuropathy from progressing and to keep you as comfortable as possible. Call us or schedule an appointment online.