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Podiatry FAQs

Podiatry focuses on the feet, ankles, and other related areas. There are many services that a Newtown, PA podiatrist can provide if you’re having issues with one of these areas. Below, Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists answer some frequently asked questions about podiatry and their services.newtown, pa podiatrist

Podiatry Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is podiatry?

A: Podiatry is a section of medicine that focuses on diagnosing and treating various problems with your feet, ankles, and surrounding areas. Podiatrists have completed podiatric medical school and may have more specialized training as well to focus in specific areas. They’re trained on all structures of the foot and ankle areas and are able to take on a wide range of problems.

Q: When should I go to a podiatrist?

A: If you’re experiencing any of the following in your ankles or feet, it’s time to call your podiatrist:

  • Pain or tenderness that isn’t going away
  • Discolored toenails
  • Skin that’s hard and calloused
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Cracked or damaged skin
  • Soreness or ulcers
  • Pain in your lower legs when you’re walking or there’s pressure on them

Q: What services does a podiatrist offer?

A: A podiatrist is trained to assess damage or injury. There are many diagnostic tests we can do, as well as utilize the podiatrist’s expertise and education. We know that each patient is unique, so we’ll do our best to find the underlying cause of your problems. For each patient, we provide a personalized treatment plan to follow. This includes various treatment options we feel will be beneficial in remedying your problem.

We work hand in hand with your primary care physician when it comes to your treatment plan. There are certain treatments that may be easier for you to get at your primary care office. However, we can provide specialized treatments that may be necessary to give you the relief you need. We’re able to give an in-depth analysis of your problems to get to the heart of the problem.

Q: Why choose Newtown Foot and Ankle Specialists?

A: Our team has over 35 combined years of experience in giving patients the best care for their foot and ankle problems. We’re affiliated with multiple local hospitals and health caregivers to make it easy for you to get the care you need. With digital and laser technology, we’re able to diagnose your problems more accurately.

We’re the only local podiatrist to offer shockwave therapy to help treat your pain. We also offer LapiPlasty®, a service that actually can realign your joints to correct your bunion problems.

Treatment at Your Newtown, Pennsylvania Podiatrist

We’re equipped to handle any foot or ankle issues you may be dealing with. Call us or schedule an appointment online.