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Foot Cancer Q&A

Learn About Foot Cancers

Foot Cancer FAQs

What are the common symptoms of foot cancers?

Some common signs of foot cancer include bone pain, fatigue, foot swelling, tenderness, and weakened bones which can lead to fractures. You should contact our office if you notice any foot problems. You may have

Can bone cancer start on the foot?

Although occurring rarely, bone tumors can occur on a foot or ankle. They may be benign or malignant, characterized by a mass or swelling in the foot or ankle.

What are the types of foot cancers?

There are many different kinds of cancers which can develop on the foot. Malignant melanoma is a skin cancer. Neoplastic disorders, or benign or malignant tumors, can form. Benign tumors under the toenail, or osteochondromas, can be removed surgically. In addition, aplantar fibroma, a benign tissue tumor, can be found on the bottom of the foot.

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