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Learn How Shoes Can Help Resolve Foot Problems

Do your feet ache when you walk around, no matter what type of shoes you seem to buy? This may be an indication that you have an untreated foot problem that may require medical intervention. There are many different forms of treatment that we offer at Newtown Foot & Ankle Specialists, depending on the type of foot problems you have. One non-invasive option you may consider is special shoes or orthotics which can help to alleviate pain and correct certain foot ailments.

Our Newtown foot ankle surgeons offer a wide range of options, including:

  • Women's shoes
  • Men's shoes
  • Prescription shoes
  • Corrective shoes
  • Children's shoes

Invest in Shoes that Support Your Feet

If you are unsure what type of orthopedic shoe is right for you, we can assist you in finding the perfect fit. Having shoes that fit well and support your feet and ankles can make a significant difference in your comfort. If you have diabetes or suffer from foot problems, our podiatrists may recommend special shoes that can help support your deformities or relieve pressure. We may offer a wide range of prescription footwear for diabetics, such as shoe inserts, shoe modifications, post-surgery healing shoes, and custom made shoes.

Understanding Shoe Construction & Proper Shoe Choice

Basic shoes are built up of five major parts: the curve of the arch of the shoe, the heel, the sole, the vamp, and the toe box. Hard shoes like high heels or cheaply made slip-on shoes are not made to support your feet and often put too much pressure on the toes and soles. The best type of shoe is one made of softer materials that conform to your feet and give you the necessary support.

Selecting Athletic Footwear for Sports

If you participate in athletic sports, it is vital that you have properly fitted athletic footwear. The right type of athletic footwear should fit your feet snugly, protect them from stress, and move with your feet. Investing in high-quality athletic footwear is an investment into your feet, which is why you should never skimp on the shoes you wear to run or play sports and not wear shoes once they have worn out.

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