Common Foot Problems in Newtown


Finding a Solution to Your Specific Foot Problem

Your feet have big shoes to fill and a big responsibility during your lifetime. Most Americans travel around 75,000 miles on feet by the age of 50. Regular care, however, can help detect and prevent foot and ankle problems that commonly occur.

At Newtown Foot & Ankle Specialists, we want to provide you with all the information you need for proper foot health and resolutions to already existing or potential problems. With more than 35 years of experience, our Newtown podiatrists can properly diagnose the issue and arrive at the proper solution that we can then effectively execute.

Treating Feet Problems for a Brighter Future

There are many reasons that patients come into our office. We have great experience diagnosing orthopedic abnormalities as well as acute and chronic wounds. Patients, however, more commonly come to us for sprained ankles, heel pain, bunions, and other more simple foot problems.

Common Foot Problems

There are several categories that foot and ankle problems typically fall under. In many situations, they are acquired from improper footwear, arthritis, or infections.

Common foot problems include:

  • Achilles problems
  • Ankle problems
  • Skin problems
  • Toe problems
  • Heel problems
  • Fungus problems

In addition to providing treatment, we can give you the information needed to prevent common injuries in the future. Common recommendations we provide include advice on the best type of shoes for arch, ankle, and heel support.

Work with Our Newtown Podiatrists Today

Regardless of the foot problem you are facing, we encourage you to come to our caring podiatrists to pursue a proper resolution. Do not push yourself to walk or move on a broken or fractured foot or ankle. Instead, get the help you need to pursue recovery.

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