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Are you bothered by the yellowing of your own toenails due to nail fungus? Can you no longer take off your shoes in public without someone pointing out your unsightly toenail fungus? Does the thought of using experimental medication to be rid of nail fungus concern you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be time to consider getting nail fungus laser removal treatments from Newtown Foot & Ankle Specialists. Our own Dr. Michael Lynde has studied the various fungus-based foot problems people may develop, including athlete’s foot and fungal nails, and learned how the careful use of lasers can eradicate the source of the fungus.

Benefits of Nail Fungus Laser Removal

Three reasons you may want to use laser removal treatment for nail fungus:

  • Safe: Many people with nail fungus problems are wary to use medication to address the issue. The side effects of such drugs are typically mild but some people may have allergic reactions. Laser removal methods are preferred by so many patients because the laser is gentle and essentially harmless to the surrounding skin and nail, only strong enough to affect the fungus growths.
  • Clean: Using a medicated ointment or oil on your feet each night or several times a day can get uncomfortably messy. Some ointments are so thick and slippery, wearing shoes after application is nearly impossible without irritation. With a laser working to remove the nail fungus, you do not need to worry about a mess at all.
  • Effective: Nail fungus laser removal has been heralded by many medical journals and podiatrists as an effective method to reduce or eliminate nail fungus over time with as little bother to the patient as possible. You may only notice minimal results after one treatment but keeping to a concise schedule of outpatient procedures should quickly start to improve your nail fungus situation. (As with any medical procedure, effectiveness will vary from patient to patient and session to session.)

Tomorrow’s Tech Used Today to Fight Fungus

At Newtown Foot & Ankle Specialists, we believe in doing everything we can to help our clients with their various foot issues and concerns. We have embraced the use of advanced laser technology to remedy a number of foot and nail fungus conditions, giving our patients access to some of the most futuristic and effective laser treatment methods in the world. Discuss treatment options and discover if laser removal would be right for you by calling(215) 987-0221 and talking to our Newtown podiatrists. You can also schedule an appointment if you would like to get working on your foot and nail fungus treatments as soon as possible.

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